It started with a spark.

BoomBright was born from a spark of curiosity. A spark that launched 1000s of hours spent researching the best products from around the globe to bring a new level of branded customer experience to our clients.

Image of Whittington, Chief Executive Officer of BoomBright Inc.

Steve Whittington, Chief Executive Officer

Steve brings over 25 years of executive experience, and extensive board participation across retail, manufacturing, startups, and agriculture sectors. He is responsible for BoomBright’s revenue operations, sales, and execution teams. He has led the implementation of tech stacks and CRMs over the past decade with teams as small as one to over 100 salespeople, which are critical for creating alignment and traction with metrics that matter for go-to-market strategies.

Outside of work, Steve is an avid outdoorsman (his most impressive feat to date has been climbing Mount Everest), a published author, and active on non-profit and for-profit boards.

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Image of Aaron Farrell, Visual Technology Consultant of BoomBright Inc.

Aaron Farrell, Visual Technology Consultant

Over the past 15 years, Aaron has progressed through the roles of sales management to branch management and is currently BoomBright’s sales lead. His forward-thinking approach gives him an outstanding ability to see uncaptured markets and sectors. It’s how BoomBright was conceived, through a tenacious drive to be the leader in the industries he works within he found new products that were not yet readily available in the North American market. Through consistent effort in product research, testing, and qualifying the concepts within his vast network of business professionals he was integral to bringing BoomBright’s product line to market. 

On the weekends you’ll find Aaron living the island life, ocean fishing, and enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer. 

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Image of Sam MacIsaac, Visual Technology Consultant of BoomBright Inc.

Sam MacIsaac, Visual Technology Consultant

With over 10 years of executive experience within the oil and gas, commercial and residential sectors Sam has developed a strong accountability skill set to ensure project timelines and budgets stay on track. Sam has played key roles in the development of budgets, execution strategies, implementation, and overseeing of many construction projects involving hundreds of positions and seven-figure budgets. A key takeaway from the projects Sam has been involved with has been the overall importance of each step along a project’s lifespan. Vision, Planning, Execution, Evaluation.

Sam spends his free time ocean fishing and gardening in the fruitful Vancouver Island climate.

Image of Ben MacIsaac, Visual Technology Consultant of BoomBright Inc.

Ben MacIsaac, Visual Technology Consultant

Ben has spent the past decade in a management role, successfully bringing many projects from vision to completion. He started in the home building industry, managing timelines, trades, and coordination of home construction. In 2020, Ben opened a Safe & Sound Window Film location in Edmonton where his unparalleled work ethic helped him gain extensive business and product knowledge and experience in the digital display and signage industry. He is BoomBright’s installation lead and manages the Edmonton hub while working cross-functionally with the full team on overall execution and business direction.

Ben lives in Edmonton with his wife and enjoys building businesses, all the sports, and of course ocean fishing!

digital signage strategist

Shannon Hewlko, Head of Strategy + Creative

Shannon is Head of Strategy + Creative for BoomBright’s advertising division. As an experienced designer, strategist, and entrepreneur, Shannon brings with her over a decade of knowledge on the intersection of brand and business growth. Her career started in the advertising world (both agency side and in-house) where she spent a number of years honing her strategic design skills. She then moved on to open her own business to provide clients with the customized level of business and branding strategy she felt was missing in the market.

In her free time Shannon is usually enjoying the outdoors, swimming, hiking, biking and running, or working on building a cabin in British Columbia with her partner.

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