Industries We Serve

Our digital signage solutions are ideal for a wide range of industries, from municipalities to corporate offices and lobbies, retail, real estate, and more.

The BoomBright Advantage

An Immersive Brand Experience

digital kiosk signage at a vaccination center.

Municipalities / Government

Digital signage is a great way to build community within public settings. They create new channels for delivering important messages, and providing directions, or have the potential to become a subscription-based revenue tool.

Retail (Car Dealership)

Deliver fresh ads that can be rolled out as easily as a social media post. Building strategic interactive messaging creates an immersive brand experience that drastically increases awareness of your product and boosts sales.

screen projection beside a car on an auto dealership showcasing features.
a woman looking at bags on an interactive digital kiosk.

Shopping Malls/Airports

From digital kiosks that provide useful information to LED video walls that create an immersive customer experience, digital signage with measurable analytics becomes a powerful revenue-generating tool.

Corporate Signage

Build the perfect boardroom, reception room, or social space with digital signage products customized to your spaces. Utilize windows and walls with beautiful display and projection capabilities.

People having a hybrid meeting on a boardroom along with a digital led screen where some members are physically present and others joined virtually.
scores of the game displayed on a digital display screen on a basketball court.

Sports Arena

Sports fans won’t miss a minute of the action with strategically placed digital signage. And, with all those eyeballs in the arena, you won’t have a problem creating a subscription-based revenue model for your partners and affiliates.

Real Estate/Land Development

Complete your brand experience with digital signage that entertains and informs on the important aspects of your project. Digital signage can also become a consistent revenue generator while building stronger more connected communities.

digital billboard at a construction site.