Light it up with a digital display.

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The BoomBright Advantage

An Immersive Brand Experience

Transparent LED Screens

High-resolution, transparent LED screens transform any glass surface into a digital display. They are available in various formats, such as digital wall, glass barrier, window, and smart poster formats.

Where to use transparent LED screens

Digital billboard displaying a shirt advertisement beside a road with passing cars.

Solid LED Screens

We supply, industry-leading, LED signage displays and digital monitors that capture attention. These fully modular, high-brightness screens can be customized with built-in advertising systems that are ideal for retail and community spaces. Our solid LED screens are effective for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Where to use solid LED screens

Projection Film

Projection film is a high-contrast and high-resolution projection technology primarily used for retail windows to enhance the brand experience. Front, rear, or dual-sided self-adhesive film is available and works well on glass, acrylic, or suspended poster systems.

Where to use projection film

Switchable Glass and Film

An on-off switch can turn switchable glass or film from transparent to opaque in milliseconds creating a perfect opaque surface that can be used for privacy, or a projection screen.

Where to use switchable glass or film